Miyakojima Rental Camping Car Ocean's Drive


Can I drive with an AT-limited regular license?
You can drive with a regular license!
Because all of camping cars are AT, regular license is OK.
Driver is limited to one more than two years after license acquisition.
What is necessaary for renting a camping car?
Driving license for all drivers and rental fee.
We don't offer bedding set for free. If you need, please prepare by yourself.
Can I install a child seat or a baby seat?
Yes. It is also available to rent, please select the option when making a reservation.
Are pets allowed in the camping cars?
Pets are NOT allowed. In order to customers with allergies, please follow the rules.
What should I notice when driving a camping car?
Please notice the height and width of the camping car because it is large. The back monitor is installed in all camping cars.
Can I use the outlet, air conditioner, and refrigerator while the engine is stopped?
It is possible according to the amount of sub battery charge.
Can I cook in the camping car?
Cooking in the camping car is prohibited. There is NO microwave or stove.
Are all cars equipped with a back monitor?
Is there a limit to how many people can ride in the camping car?
Seat Capacity:7 /Bed Capacity:5
Is it OK to get in the camping car with shoes?
It's OK at driver seat and passenger seat only. Please put your shoes into the shoe box when going into other passenger spaces.
Is fuel gasoline or diesel?
There are both gasoline and diesel type of camping cars. Please check the fuel type and refuel before returning.
Should anything I notice about returning?
Please fill up the camping car, and return it in 2 hours before the departure time of your flight.
Are there any places that I can park the camping car?
There is a campsite at Ocean's Resort.
There are many other campsites, but you need to get permission from other owners.

※ Please do NOT stop long-term stay in a place that is not accommodation.
※ NO littering.
※ Please do NOT camp by taking chairs and tables in public places.
Is there a charge for parking at Oceans Resort?
Please tell me about facilities in Ocean's Resort.
Power supply facilities (24 hours)/Customers who rent a camping car can use for free
Shower rooms with hot water (24 hours)/Customers who rent a camping car can use for free
Toilets (24 hours)/Customers who rent a camping car can use for free
Large bathhouse(11:00~21:00)/¥ 500 per person (Rental towel for free. And there are Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body wash gel.)
Restaurant ※Breakfast&BBQ set(Include food material) must be booked in advance
Bedding set ¥ 540 per loan(summer: pillow, towel blanket/winter: pillow, sleeping bag)

Phone reservation +81-980-77-2150 Business hours 9:00 - 18:00

Miyakojima Rental Camping Car
Ocean's Drive

Ocean's Drive
TEL 0980-77-2150 Business hours 9:00~18:00